[Utah Mining History] Lunch and hike fundraiser will put a ring back in Little Bell ore bin – by Scott Iwasaki (Park Record – June 25, 2018)


Park Record

Park City’s 100-year-old mining heritage is literally at a tipping point. Sandra Morrison, executive director of the Park City Museum, said the many of the wooden mining structures, such as the Little Bell ore bin, are on the verge of collapsing.

The old mining structure might be familiar to regulars of the Deer Valley ski trails. “It’s on the Bandana ski run, and many of us have skied it past on our way to Empire,” said Morrison. “The Little Bell Mine was one of the more than 300 operating mines during our town’s mining era.”

The structure is basically wood sitting on dirt, and the unprotected wood is deteriorating because of melting snow and other weather conditions she said. “We have to get the wood onto concrete foundations so it’s not sitting in water,” Morrison said.

To help cover the cost of preserving historic structures like the ore bin, the Park City Museum is partnering with Deer Valley and the Friends of Ski Mountain Mining History, a committee of the Park City Historical Society, for a fundraiser that will include a gourmet lunch and a hike to the historic ore bin.

The event will be held on Thursday, June 28, at Deer Valley. Morrison said admission to the luncheon is $75 for one diner or $140 for two. The start time will be revealed when tickets are bought.

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