Mineral deposits at Voisey’s Bay ‘exquisite,’ says geology professor – by Terry Roberts (CBC News Newfoundland and Labrador -June 19, 2018)


Experts call Labrador operation ‘perfect battery metals mine’

Questions about the fate of mining operations at Voisey’s Bay over the past year have been replaced by unbridled hope and enthusiasm.

A green light for a multibillion-dollar underground expansion, a lifespan extended by many years, a workforce that will nearly double, and an operation poised to capitalize on what many expect will be an explosion in the demand for electric vehicles in the coming years.

You only need to pick up a metallurgical core sample from Voisey’s Bay to understand what all the hype is about, and you don’t need to be a geologist to know you’re holding something unique.

Many times heavier than a similar-sized rock, these samples were drilled to test the ore body, and the first people to cast their eyes on them were likely very impressed.

“They probably went out and bought a lot of shares,” Wilton joked. The sample is rich in pentlandite and chalcopyrite. In more simple terms, it’s every nickel explorer’s dream, and a jaw-dropper if you’re looking for copper and cobalt. “Most people don’t find something as exquisite as this in their lifetime,” Wilton added.

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