Super Batteries: Which Metal Will Fuel the Future? – by Georgia Williams (Nickel Investing News – June 13th, 2018)

Nickel Investing News

There has been a lot of discussion around which battery metal will reign supreme in the push to bring electric and hybrid vehicles to market. Currently lithium, nickel and cobalt are the heavyweight contenders, but what is next?

At the 6th International Nickel Conference, the Investing News Network caught up with Jon Hykawy, president of Stormcrow Capital, a research firm specializing in guiding and educating its clients on taking advantage of volatility in the critical materials and technology markets.

He shared his insight about the future of the battery metals sector and which energy metal will play a vital role in the next stage of battery evolution. Hykawy also explained why there is slow and cautious momentum towards packing batteries with more energy.

INN: There’s a lot of information on the role of lithium and cobalt in batteries. What role does nickel play in this space long term?

JH: Nickel is really responsible for what’s termed energy density in lithium-ion batteries, so the higher the nickel content, the higher the energy density. What that translates to is essentially extended range in a battery electric vehicle — if you want the vehicle to be able to travel 500 kilometers instead of 400, you put more nickel into the battery. The problem with that is added nickel detracts from the safety of the individual cells.

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