[Australia Mining] Greenies behind ‘tofu curtain’ blamed for suffocating mining industry – by Chris Smith (2GB.com – June 14, 2018)


Mining bosses are taking aim at “Greenies”, saying their activism is preventing projects that can enhance Australia’s most successful industries. The mining industry is responsible for a $55-billion injection into Queensland’s economy and employs 40,000 people.

But coal and gas executives have joined forces to issue a warning, that Green activists hiding behind a “tofu curtain” are crippling their industry and its future. Chris Smith couldn’t agree more, slamming “far-lefties” for standing in the way of the nation’s progress.

He says the “tofu curtain” isn’t just plaguing Queensland but is evident right around the nation. “There’s a clear divide between the far-lefties that just want to save the environment no matter what… and us.

“They have no idea about what Aussies actually need and want, how you feel, how hard you work.

“For some reason, these Greenies seem to have totally infiltrated all levels of government. You think about how fossil fuel industries have been absolutely demonised.”

For the rest of this article: https://www.2gb.com/greenies-behind-tofu-curtain-blamed-for-suffocating-mining-industry/

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