Beware the eco-colonialist, First Nations chiefs warned – by Fabian Dawson (SeaWestNews – June 12, 2018)

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10,000-year journey that is just bearing fruit threatened by foreign funded activism says Calvin Helin, a leading authority on economic independence for First Nations

First Nations leaders in BC should be wary of activists who are trying to gain their support to stop energy and natural resource projects in Canada, warns Calvin Helin, a leading authority on economic independence for First Nations.

Describing the activists as “eco-colonialists”, Helin (pictured left) a First Nations entrepreneur, lawyer, and best-selling author said the groups are being funded by massive American foundations, whose only interest is to control Canadian energy and natural resources.

“These eco-colonialists get paid when they shut things down in Canada,” Helin told SeaWestNews, after delivering the keynote address at this year’s edition of the BC Seafood Expo in Courtenay on Vancouver Island yesterday. “Under the guise of environmental concern, they keep First Nations peoples in poverty and restrict economic growth,” he said.

“We have been watching over our seas and lands for over 10,000 years and we don’t need these big-city folk and activists with huge American foundation money coming up here to tell us what to do…they have no regard for our communities and keep us from moving forward.”

The son of a hereditary chief, Helin is the best-selling author of works such as Dances with Dependency: Out of Poverty through Self-Reliance and Dances with Development: Making Good Money from Natural Resources.

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