IAMGOLD breaking new ground with Coté mine – by Len Gillis (Timmins Daily Press – June 7, 2018)


GOGAMA – The new gold mining project being planned near Gogama will present some unique technical challenges, but an official with IAMGOLD Corporation said he is confident his company will be able to overcome and succeed.

This will include such things as moving a lake and using driverless haulage trucks. Steve Bowles, manager of the Coté Gold Project, was one of the key speakers this week at the gala dinner put on by the CIM (Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum) as part of the Big Event Mine Expo.

Bowles was providing an update on the project which is the former Trelawney Mining prospect located in Chester Township, about 20 kilometres southwest of Gogama. Work is expected to begin on a new open pit mine in the new year.

“We’re quite well positioned along the 144, which really connects Sudbury and Timmins,” said Bowles. As an aside, Bowles mentioned to the crowd the project is actually several kilometres closer to Timmins, a comment that drew applause.

“In terms of infrastructure, this is a fantastic region to build. Great access as you know to a local skilled and motivated workforce. And the supply chain as many of you know, the local market here is really well established,” he said.

“I have worked in many countries in the past with all the IAMGOLD projects, and by far this is the best location I have seen to date.” He also mentioned the project is close to a highway, a high voltage electrical line, mining supply communities and a railway link.

Bowles explained that one of the key challenges will be dewatering the actual lake which is atop the open pit gold zone. The company will have to compensate by creating a new lake nearby. This will involve building small dams and re-aligning local streams to channel water into the new lake.

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