Trans Mountain is the cost of Corporate Canada surrendering to green enemies – by Terence Corcoran (Financial Post – May 30, 2018)

With the pipeline fiasco, Canada has now come face to face with the ultimate and disastrous consequences of the grand coalition that has seized control of national policy-making.

The Trudeau government’s desperate decision to ultimately purchase the Trans Mountain pipeline — for the alleged “fair price” of $4.5 billion — is the logical outcome of an incoherent governance regime controlled by a triumvirate of social, political and economic institutions.

The institutional troika is made up of green activists, pandering politicians and capitulating corporations. All are jointly and severally responsible for creating the current legal and economic crisis over Canada’s energy and resource developments, with many more crises to come.

The country’s economic future is now in the hands of this trio of power-wielding forces that are gradually coalescing around ideas that aim to strangle Canadian economic development in the name of environmental protection. It started decades ago when the allure of socialism faded and the prospect of green power emerged as the next big political power game at the United Nations and elsewhere.

Over the past few days, members of the green troika were actively pushing their similar if not identical themes. In the green camp, long-time activist Tzeporah Berman appeared on CBC Radio’s The Current on Monday to declare that Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline is “the last gasp of the fossil fuel industry.”

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