Trudeau and Co. losing the fight on carbon taxes – by Lorrie Goldstein (Toronto Sun – May 16, 2018)

As polling across Canada shows support for carbon pricing plummeting now that it’s a reality as opposed to an idea, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau must be wondering what went wrong? Ditto Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.

Last year, with great, self-congratulatory fanfare, she imposed a cap and trade scheme, another name for a carbon tax, on Ontarians. That’s one reason she’s poised to lose her job in the province’s June 7 election, her Liberal government trailing both the Progressive Conservatives and NDP in the polls.

An Ipsos/Global poll released Monday found more than seven in 10 eligible Ontario voters — 72% — believe carbon taxes are just an excuse by government to grab more money from them, with 68% calling them mere symbolism.

A similar fate appears to await Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, whose NDP government introduced a carbon tax last year and is now trailing far behind Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party in public support.

A poll released last month by Janet Brown Opinion Research and Trend Research for the CBC, found almost seven in 10 Albertans surveyed — 66% — want Notley’s carbon tax scrapped.

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