Familial ties drive mining company: Manitou Gold president says it’s about keeping communities thriving – by Karen McKinley (Northern Ontario Business – May 18, 2018)


For Pat Dubreuil, mining is personal. Especially when it comes to one project near his hometown of Dubreuilville, which his grandfather founded with his four brothers as a sawmill in 1961.

He wears many hats as a local businessman, but on May 15 he spoke as president of Manitou Gold, a junior mining company, giving an update on its Kenwest property, south of Dryden, and its Goudreau area properties and patents, east of Dubreuilville.

The latter project is special for him. They are untouched properties on the edge of significant past finds, which have great potential to rejuvenate the area’s economy.

“The sawmill closed in 2008 and it’s been tough since,” Dubreuil said. “My family has been in that area for three generations. My motivation to come back to that area, very much, has a social side to it.”

The drive is to have sustainable employment and continuity for the town. He owns many businesses in Dubreuilville, including the motel, gas station and the bunkhouses, much of it catering to tourism. All of which, Dubreuil said, is to invest in the community.

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