Time for a serious look at Ottawa audits of anti-oil ‘charities’ – by Terence Corcoran (Financial Post – May 16, 2018)


Canada’s charitable regime is in need of comprehensive review and reform

For more than a decade Vivian Krause, a Vancouver researcher and writer with more determination than the Winnipeg Jets, has been following and documenting the activities of charities that fund opposition to Canada’s oil industry.

Krause has dug into the corners of the so-called charitable activities of a collection of powerful political organizations, funded by U.S. foundations, whose objectives include, among other things, “shutting down” Canada’s oilsands.

Readers of this page will be familiar with Krause’s work. The Girl Who Played with Tax Data lists more than a dozen of her FP Comment reports going back to 2010. Others followed.

Her blog site, “fairquestions,” has only added yet more revelations and background documents on how Canada’s charitable system is being used and abused to disrupt the nation’s energy economy.

Krause also recently wrote an open letter (via her blog site) to the president of the University of Alberta, David Turpin, in opposition to the university’s decision to award an honourary doctorate to David Suzuki.

For the rest of this column: http://business.financialpost.com/opinion/terence-corcoran-time-for-a-serious-look-at-ottawa-audits-of-anti-oil-charities

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