The U of A isn’t ‘brave’ for honouring Suzuki. Just the opposite – by Rex Murphy (National Post – May 5, 2018)

At the deep centre of conventional wisdom no concept is more hallowed, more warmly cradled in the blanket-robes of political correctness than the Green dogma of global warming. For millions upon millions it is grant-subsidized Holy Writ.

Governments fatten its evangelists with unheralded largesse. Its advocate-missionaries are legion, gathering in ritual conclave every year in rich, well-lit capitals to renew their fervour and refresh their zeal.

Rio, Geneva, Copenhagen, Rome are their jet-set Stations of the Cross, the United Nations their cathedral home, its Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change a new curia stuffed with failed weathermen, cranky researchers, the blazing-eyed mystics of Gaia, all duly attended by a docile, uninquisitive, co-opted press corps. Honours drop on its prophet-priests as do “the gentle rains from heaven.”

From tiny tots in the sandbox to the web Gatsbys of Davos, the support and acclamation is universal. The stream of awards and hosannas flows to the littlest Greenies and the very pin-prick peak of the planet’s one-percenters. Al Gore was bestowed the Nobel Prize and an Academy Award.

Less prestigious perhaps, a Canadian hierarch in the same creed has accumulated 25 honorary sheepskins for his vapourings on the same cause (stitched together, enough to shelter a family of 10 over a long winter). This would be David Suzuki, lord of the carbon offsets.

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