‘Sudbury solutions, not Queen’s Park excuses’ – by Jim Moodie (Sudbury Star – May 2, 2018)


The province’s Progressive Conservatives are pledging to keep more proceeds from mining and forestry activities in the North. “We’ve been an economic engine pulling nickel, gold, silver and copper out of the ground for all these years and not really receiving much of a benefit from it,” Troy Crowder said Tuesday, following the launch of a new campaign office on Lasalle Boulevard.

Earlier in the day, PC leader Doug Ford promised in Timmins that, if elected, he would ensure a percentage of revenue from aggregate licences, stumpage fees and mining taxes will remain in the region through a new resource revenue sharing arrangement.

“Your resources — your benefits,” Ford said in a release. “I think that’s only fair.” Crowder, a first-time candidate for the PCs in Sudbury, said he encouraged the party’s leader to consult with people in Northern industries to find out what improvements can be made and how to address inequities.

“When I talked to Doug about Northern stuff, I said we have very smart people in the mining and manufacturing business up here, and these are the people you want to talk to — get your education from the experts,” he said. “And so obviously he’s had a few conversations with enough people to gather that (revenue sharing) has been lacking in the North.”

Ford also announced Tuesday that he would alleviate delays caused by red tape and special interest groups so projects like the Ring of Fire could proceed more expeditiously.

“My plan means more money in the hands of the folks up here working hard to dig those mines and build those roads,” Ford said. “And more money for the communities in which they live.”

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