Carbon taxes come with a price — who knew?! – by Anthony Furey (Toronto Sun – April 23, 2018)

The average Canadian would be forgiven for thinking “carbon pricing” is some sort of intellectual notion that has nothing to do with the lives of regular people.

It’s not like we’re led to believe it’s at all connected to life at home. The feds are in their element discussing their climate action measures overseas at international gatherings and alongside people like French President Emmanuel Macron.

You don’t see Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna touring Tim Hortons to tout the merits of this endeavour to swing riding constituents. Instead, it’s all done in the far-and-away and the abstract.

But a new report from the non-partisan Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer has dragged the pricing mechanism kicking and screaming away from the global cocktail circuit and placed it firmly in budgeting reality.

In their latest economic and fiscal outlook, the fiscal watchdog has run the numbers and found that Trudeau’s troubled carbon tax is expected to pull $10 billion per year out of the economy starting in 2022. That amounts to 0.5% of GDP.

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