First ‘Resources for Future Generations’ conference to be held in Vancouver – by Henry Lazenby ( – April 13, 2018)

VANCOUVER ( – The Resources for Future Generations conference (RFG2018) is scheduled to make its debut on the Canadian resource conference circuit between June 16 and 21, in Vancouver, and is shaping up to be an event unlike the myriad of competing forums held in Canada throughout the year.

RFG2018 chairperson John Thompson points out to Mining Weekly Online in an interview that RFG2018 is expected to be the first international conference dedicated to the availability and delivery of resources to sustain future generations.

RFG2018 will examine three critical resources – energy, minerals and water – in the context of the earth, environment, society, and the needs and roles of future generations.

“We are differentiating ourselves from other events in that we ae bringing a big scientific component to the conference, as well as a strong societal component.

We are determined to create conversation among you people and want to encourage closer working relationships between all levels of government, First Nations and society in general about geo-ethics,” Thompson says.

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