ATAC Resources rebounds with expanded Yukon exploration plan – by Dave Croft (CBC News North – April 9, 2018)

ATAC working with Barrick Gold plans extensive drilling at the Rackla property north of Mayo

ATAC Resources is planning its biggest drilling program in more than five years at its Rackla gold property north of Mayo in central Yukon, according to company president Graham Downs.

The 1,742 square kilometre property consists of three zones — Rau, Orion and Osiris — which in turn contain a number of gold deposits and targets for ongoing exploration.

ATAC plans to “build on and expand on all the gold zones we have out there, and to be able to demonstrate we have, kind of, the critical mass to make things work there,” said Downs. He expects about 50 people will be working for ATAC.

Its drilling will be concentrated on the Osiris zone. Downs hopes the company will be able by the end of the year to issue an estimate of the amount of gold in the zone.

West of the Osiris zone, Barrick Gold Corporation — the largest gold miner in the world — will be drilling in the Orion zone. It’s working there through an “earn-in” agreement which allows Barrick to earn a majority share of the zone’s ownership through exploration spending.

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