The growing national push to suppress Alberta’s economy – by Don Braid (Calgary Herald – April 3, 2018)

A few years ago, Albertans would only see red ink in a Quebec budget. Now we just see red. Quebec’s latest budget is being painted as a model for Canada. The province will have a $1.3 billion surplus. Its Generations Fund, devoted to paying down debt, is growing. Quebecers will get a tax break of up to $336 per person.

Wonderful. Way to go, Quebec. But could the province do all this without its annual equalization cheque — $11.8 billion today, rising to $13.3 billion next year?

Of course it couldn’t. Without this indirect wealth transfer based on the strength of western economies, Quebec would still be a deficit-ridden mess.

Equalization has always come with a tacit understanding. If provinces with less overall wealth are going to be topped up, they should bloody well support the provinces that supply the topping.

Only one part of Canada — the West — is laying these golden eggs. You’d think there would be some recognition. But no, other governments are actively suppressing Alberta’s economy. Quebec opposition killed the Energy East pipeline.

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