Conference aims to build interest in prospecting (CBC News Thunder Bay – April 4, 2018)

Ontario Prospectors Exploration Showcase running this week in Thunder Bay

About 500 mining industry workers are expected to be at Thunder Bay’s Valhalla Inn this week for the annual Ontario Prospectors Exploration Showcase.

The three-day event ā€” running Tuesday, April 3 to Thursday, April 5 ā€” will include guest speakers, a trade show and awards banquets, all with the overall goal of building interest in prospecting, said Garry Clark, executive director of the Ontario Prospectors Association.

“The biggest thing we can hope is that some of these people that come here either get interested in becoming a prospector, or interested in prospecting, or that prospectors hook up with companies that they can sell their properties to,” Clark said Tuesday.

Shortage of prospectors in the province

Clark said there is a shortage of prospectors in Ontario; in addition, the current workforce is aging. “There is some younger people that are getting into it, and I think they’re finding it to be quite rewarding,” he said. “They’re working both as prospectors and as consultants, and working for other companies. So they’re getting a wide range.”

And, Clark said, it is a good time for people to enter the prospecting business, as Ontario’s mining industry as a whole is in a good place.

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