[Shawn Ryan] Renowned Gold Detective Zeroing In On Major Discovery – by Jeff Nielson (Stockhouse.com – March 26, 2018)


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Early-stage mining exploration is not for the faint of heart. It’s hard work for the mining companies engaging in such exploration. And it can also tax the patience of investors. However, the rewards can be enormous.

Typically, early-stage mining companies are micro-caps. They have not (yet) established a mineral resource – with a quantifiable asset value. So their market cap reflects the speculative nature of such operations. But if one of these early-stage mining companies hits significant intercepts of mineralization, the company and its shareholders are generally very well-rewarded for such discoveries.

The key, for both mining companies and investors, is to maximize the odds for exploration success. One junior mining company that is especially excited about its odds for success is Labrador Gold Corp. (TSX: V.LAB, Forum).

Early-stage exploration can be likened to detective work. This means that the first factor to maximize the odds of success for a mining company is to locate a top-notch detective. For LAB, their gold detective is Shawn Ryan. This name will ring a bell with many experienced mining investors.

Why? Shawn Ryan knows how to sniff out new gold discoveries. He’s done it before — several times. Ryan’s most notable success has come in the White Gold district (Yukon). He netted $3.5 million transferring the gold claims he staked to a holding company created solely for this purpose. Gold mining giant, Agnico Eagle Mines Limited, purchased a 19.3% stake in White Gold Corp in late 2017, followed by Kinross Gold taking a 19.9% stake of the company with the sale of Shawn’s original discovery, the White Golden Saddle deposit.

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