Trudeau will learn a painful lesson — voters really dislike climate crusading – by Lawrence Solomon (Financial Post – March 23, 2018)

Global warming is so yesterday. There’s pretty much nothing the public cares less about than climate change

The United States government is expected to approve a massive US$1.3-trillion omnibus spending bill Friday, a sweeping victory for Democrats who fought for — and won — funding for virtually all of the left’s priorities, everything from Planned Parenthood to gun control to child care to public transportation.

The Democrats even won funding, and plaudits, for infrastructure and domestic programs they couldn’t secure under the Obama administration.

But no one is remarking on the Democratic cause that was thrown off the omnibus — climate change — because no one still considers it a Democratic priority. Nowhere in the bill’s 2,232 pages of spending goodies do the words “climate change” or “global warming” even appear.

Global warming is so yesterday. The diehards aside, does any American still care? Not according to polling, which consistently shows the public is unwilling to support climate change policies if there’s a cost attached. There’s pretty much nothing the public cares less about than climate change.

When pollsters asks the American public to rate the importance of climate change versus other public-policy issues such as health, education, crime and homelessness, climate change comes last or next to last. When it asks the public to compare its concern over climate change with concern over other environmental issues, such as air and water quality or the state of forests, global warming again comes last.

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