Doug Ford tells supporters he can ‘take back’ Ontario from Liberals – by Maija Kappler (Globe and Mail – March 19, 2018)

He also vowed to take advantage of lucrative natural resources
in northern Ontario. Proposed mining projects in the province’s
“Ring of Fire” will take place even “if I have to hop on a bulldozer myself,” he said.

Doug Ford told a group of nearly 2,000 supporters that he plans to “take back this province” at his first major event since he was made leader of the Progressive Conservative party earlier this month.

Addressing a large and enthusiastic crowd at a rally in Toronto on Monday night, Ford said he believes he can build a majority government because Ontario voters are united in their dislike of Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne.

Ford positioned his party as one that will attract voters who have previously been loyal Liberal or NDP supporters. “It’s not about being red or being blue, it’s about turning this province around,” he said.

“I can assure you the Liberals are watching us tonight and I can assure you they are worried. They are terrified when they see a united party like the PC party.”

His speech focused largely on the province’s finances, which Ford said have been mismanaged by Wynne’s government. He characterized Monday’s throne speech, which promised to make significant investments into health care, as both false and expensive promises.

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