Changing the face of mining in SA – by Mel Frykberg (Independent Online – March 14, 2018)

JOHANNESBURG – The mining industry on the African continent has a bad history when it comes to exploitation of workers and the mineral wealth of countries and South Africa is no exception.

However, at the South African Human Rights Commission’s two-day seminar Business and Human Rights Dialogue in Sandton, Gauteng, Chamber of Mines senior executive for public affairs and transformation Tebello Chabana pointed out that not only was his organisation aware of the problems but was actively involved in making the mining business more ethical.

Chabana explained that the Chamber was aware of alleged involvement of the mining industry in illicit flows and that the South African Parliament has had numerous deliberations in the past two years on the matter.

“Illicit financial flows could be in the form of base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS), mis-invoicing and criminal activities of illegal product trading,” said Chabana.

In 2015, an African Union high level panel headed by former President Thabo Mbeki stated that some $50bn a year is lost to Africa through illicit flows.

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