Mines, key to resolve Afghanistan woes ‘Beside political strife, illegal mining spurring conflict in the country’ (Menafn.com – March 12, 2018)


(MENAFN – Afghanistan Times) By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Political analysts and experts at the Rana Think Thank monthly session on Tuesday expressed concerns over the ongoing crisis in the country and said that Afghanistan’s mines are the only solution to the political and economic woes and could help the country in reaching peace.

Experts believed that Afghanistan is one of the most mineral enriched countries in the world; yet it continues to be one of the poorest nations globally. Afghanistan is replete with precious mines; so mining sector should be strengthened and mines extracted in a bid to help the country move toward economic self-sufficiency and reach durable peace and sustainable development.

Analysts in the session also articulated that illegal mining beside the ongoing political strife and regional rivalries, is spurring the conflict in Afghanistan. They claimed that many countries have their eyes on untapped minerals of Afghanistan.

‘According to authentic surveys, Afghanistan houses minerals with an estimated worth of $3 trillion. Its income can be $27-30 trillion,’ said Dr. Mohammad Rahim Qasimi

Speaking at the Rana Think Thank monthly session, he said that the mineral estimated $3 trillion underground, if it extract, enriched and process will reach to $27 trillion.

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