MIRARCO linking the world to Canadian mining – Vic Pakalnis (Canadian Mining Journal – February 2018)


On Dec. 7th, 2017, a high level delegation from Northeastern University (NEU) in China came to Laurentian University in Sudbury, to sign an international agreement to establish the China Canada Centre for Deep Mining Innovation (CCCDMI).

Madam Xiaomei Xiong (Secretary of the Party Committee, Northeastern University), along with four colleagues from the Northeastern University of China, signed the agreement in the presence of Laurentian’s Serge Demers, acting president and provost, Dr. Rui Wang, vice-president research and myself, president and CEO MIRARCO Mining Innovation.

Two weeks later, Canadian delegates Ross Sherlock of Metal Earth, Caleb Leduc of CROSH, Dr. Ming Cai of Laurentian University/MIRARCO and myself, met with officials at Northeastern University located in Shenyang, China.

A two-day networking event including an industry workshop was held. The purpose of the China Canada Centre for Deep Mining Innovation is to establish leading global research built on a collaboration platform in deep mining and to stimulate innovation and co-operation between industry and academic institutions in China and Canada.

In 2006, Northeastern University ranked sixth among universities in China. Laurentian University is among the largest mining schools in Canada.

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