Miners broadly welcome federal Budget 2018 bar some caveats – by Henry Lazenby (MiningWeekly.com – March 1, 2018)


VANCOUVER (miningweekly.com) – The Canadian mining industry has welcomed the federal 2018 Budget that was announced this week, highlighting in particular support for the extension of the Mineral Exploration Tax Credit and several additional funds made available for critical skills training.

Canada’s Budget 2018, tabled by Canada’s Finance Minister Bill Morneau on Wednesday in Ottawa, outlines key policy measures that include enhanced funding for Indigenous skills training through the establishment of the Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Programme.

This is designed to replace the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Programme, which has made important contributions to Indigenous participation in Canada’s mining sector.

Budget 2018 also earmarks funding to pilot an Apprentice Incentive Grant for Women to encourage more women to pursue careers in trades. It confirmed the one-year renewal of the Mineral Exploration Tax Credit (METC), and also provides new funding to support the implementation of the Impact Assessment Act and the Species at Risk Act.

Further, Budget 2018 establishes a stronger Canadian diplomatic and trade support presence in China and Asia, which are seen as critical growth points for Canadian exports. The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) welcomed the budget, saying the long-term prospects for global mining growth remain strong, driven by emerging market demand for minerals and metals.

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