‘Every area of mining ripe for innovation’ – Goldcorp – by Henry Lazenby (MiningWeekly.com – February 9, 2018)


VANCOUVER (miningweekly.com) – Every conceivable area of mining is in dire need of technological innovation, major miner Goldcorp tells Mining Weekly Online in an interview.

“We are not exactly the most advanced industry in the world, and we’re slow in adopting new technologies. Every area is ripe for innovation,” Goldcorp’s VP for technology Luis Canepari says. According to him, perhaps the most critical area in need of innovation is exploration.

He explains that, these days, across the entire mining industry, the exploration success rate is very low. “Anything that we can do to improve those results have a direct correlation to improving the bottom line. That is why we are spending big on exploration innovation.”

With Goldcorp producing in the vicinity of 2.5-million ounces of gold a year, it becomes imperative for the company to find new deposits to replace mined-out reserves.

“It becomes harder and harder every year, as deposits are becoming deeper and located in more remote locations. It’s a challenge not only for Goldcorp, but for every mining company. That’s why innovation really helps to make some of these deposits more viable, more cost efficient and can help to add previously uneconomic ounces into mine plans,” he says.

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