LETTER: Disappointed by lack of urgency on Ring of Fire – by Ross Romano (Timmins Daily Press – January 31, 2018)


Ross Romano is the MPP for Sault Ste. Marie and Ontario PC Critic for Northern Jobs and the Ring of Fire.

TIMMINS – I was very disappointed to read in your paper that the Wynne Liberal government is continuing to delay getting to work on developing the Ring of Fire. It did not surprise me given their track record of inaction towards this once in a lifetime opportunity.

The timing of this news is increasingly disturbing given that community bid submissions to host the ferrochrome processing facility are due to Noront Resources Inc. by this coming Friday. The Liberals have known about this opportunity for the North and for all of Ontario for more than 10 years now, yet they continue to drag their feet on this project.

There is still a great deal of work that needs to be done before the shovels can break ground on the Ring of Fire road development. Instead of pursuing meaningful consultations and developing positive relationships in the region, the Liberals only seem to be interested in press releases, photo-ops and re-announcements.

As an elected official for a community currently bidding on the ferrochrome processing facility, I took it upon myself to visit the impacted Matawa First Nation communities. Over a two-week period, I listened to the views and concerns of the respective Chiefs, elders, and community members.

The meetings I participated in during my tour, combined with the information contained in your recent article, confirmed what I already knew to be the case; that the Wynne Liberals have not put the necessary work into this project to see it come to fruition.

My Ontario PC colleagues and I realize the potential for the Ring of Fire and Northern Ontario. We, alongside our Indigenous partners and key economic and environmental stakeholders, will ensure that everyone benefits from this once in a lifetime opportunity.

The North cannot afford another four years of inaction.

For the original source of this letter: http://www.timminspress.com/2018/01/30/letter-disappointed-by-lack-of-urgency-on-ring-of-fire