Alexco looks to resume silver mining near Keno City, Yukon, this year (CBC News North – January 22, 2018)

Company says its Bermingham deposit compares favourably to those found near Keno City a century ago

Alexco Resource Corp. is hoping to resume mining for silver this year in Yukon’s Keno Hill district, five years after the company shut down its Bellekeno mine.

The Vancouver-based company has applied to the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board (YESAB) to develop its Bermingham deposit on Galena Hill, about 6.8 kilometres from Keno City, Yukon. The company’s existing licences would need to be amended for the new deposit.

According to Alexco, the Bermingham deposit is comparable to the types and grades of silver first found at Keno Hill almost a century ago. ​”It’s good news, for sure. It’s more jobs, it’s more opportunities — it’s great,” said Scott Bolton, mayor of the nearby community of Mayo.

Bolton says community members are pleased that the company hopes to go into production this summer. “It is mostly the employment opportunities, you know — giving jobs to people that just don’t have the opportunities in Mayo.”

“It’s been quiet here for so many years, and depressed. And all of a sudden now, between Alexco and Victoria Gold, if you want to go to work, you can go to work.”

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