Second life for historic Cobalt silver camp – by Karen McKinley (Northern Ontario Business – January 18, 2018)

Historic mining area near Ontario/Quebec border garnering attention for cobalt resources

The land around the town of Cobalt, despite the name, was once one of the richest silver finds in the nation. Decades after that boom ceased, another one is on the horizon, this time for the town’s namesake.

As demand for electric vehicles grows across the world, one company is taking a second look at the cobalt resources that were once thrown away.

First Cobalt Corp. gave a Jan. 16 presentation in Sudbury on their latest findings and plans to drill on several properties they purchased near Cobalt, many of them historical silver mine sites, to determine the scope and quality of the cobalt resources.

Frank Santaguida, vice president exploration for the company, led the discussion, which included everything from the history of the community to the challenges of accurately mapping resources in areas where material was moved from one location to another.

“What we are presenting here is the work we’ve done in the past year in the Cobalt Camp,” he said.

He described the presentation as an open discussion on the learning process over this last year. The team and company has been learning how to explore the area geologically, find old cobalt deposits where there used to be silver, and discover new veins and resources.

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