Baie Verte Mayor reigniting talks around former asbestos mine – by Cory Hurley (Western Star – January 18, 2018)

Proposed federal asbestos regulations do not mention former operations in province

BAIE VERTE, NL — Baie Verte Mayor Brandon Philpott says it’s time for all key players to start talking about the open pit and exposed asbestos fibres at the former Advocate Mines site again.

His comment came following Canada’s recent action toward its promised ban of the use, sale, import and export of asbestos and products containing that hazardous material.

The federal health and environment departments are supporting changes to eliminate the market for asbestos products in the country. The proposed regulations include an exemption to allow for cleanup of asbestos residue around former mines in an attempt to redevelop the sites.

Regulations specifically refer to 800 million tonnes of mining residues in the province of Quebec, but do not mention Newfoundland and Labrador or the former mine in Baie Verte. Mining residues can contain valuable metals such as magnesium.

The announcement also notes rehabilitation plans for mine sites and mining residues are authorized by provincial governments. Philpott wonders what this announcement and subsequent actions could mean for the mine and area.

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