Ontario Mine Rescue gathers some history in Elliot Lake – by Kevin McSheffrey (Elliot Lake Standard – January 17, 2018)


With 2019 being the 90th anniversary of Ontario Mine Rescue, two members of the organization were in Elliot Lake recently to gather some of its history in preparation for next year’s event.

Ted Hanley, Ontario Mine Rescue general manager at its head office in Sudbury, and a student researcher Justin Konrad, were scanning and photographing many of the exhibits in Elliot Lake’s Mine Rescue Collection at the Elliot Lake and Nuclear Mining Museum on Jan. 10.

Ken Pierce, Elliot Lake’s local historian and the former regional mine rescue instructor based in the community when the mines were operating, was assisting them. Hanley says he first came to the Elliot Lake and Nuclear Mining Museum two years ago and viewed the Mine Rescue Collection, on Pierce’s invitation.

“I didn’t know this high-quality of mining exhibit existed in Ontario,” says Hanley. “Over the last two years, we’ve been trying to catalogue the history of the Ontario Mine Rescue program, which goes back to 1929.

“An important part of that history is the Elliot Lake component. Most of that information and all the records and photographs are housed in this museum.”

With the 90th anniversary coming up, Hanley opted to have himself and Konrad come to Elliot Lake and work with Pierce to document the history, and add them to the Ontario Mine Rescue archive.

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