Timmins’ criminal past with gold headed for TV – by Emma Meldrum (Timmins Daily Press – January 15, 2018)


TIMMINS – Timmins’ criminal history with gold is on its way towards being featured in a two-part TV mini-series. Author Kevin Vincent announced last week that a television network – which won’t be named until the “docu-drama” is ready to air – has picked up the project, based on his books: Bootleg Gold, volumes one and two.

Vincent has come a long way since moving to Timmins 34 years ago, when he “wouldn’t know a gold mine if I tripped into one.” Today is a completely different story.

“There are literally thousands of stories that I’ve captured,” he said. “I have 17,000 pages of research. I’ve done dozens and dozens of hours of on-camera interviews with people that have been a part of that world. I have audio interviews with people I’ve interviewed that date back far into the 1930s. Notwithstanding that, even though I have the largest collection of these stories, it’s still a fraction of what’s out there.”

And Vincent is looking for more. As the series prepares for production, he will be looking at sites for filming in Timmins, as well as people looking to share their stories about highgrading – “the art or practice of stealing gold.”

“I am looking for people who have stories to tell. We may be able to do them in the shadows with the faces blacked out and the voices distorted. If someone has a great story to tell, and they don’t want it to die with them, by all means, get a hold of me.”

The series will recreate some of the famous incidents from the last century, said Vincent.

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