Who Won Kitco’s Mining CEO of The Year? Rob McEwen – CEO, McEwen Mining (Kitco News – January 5, 2018)


(Kitco News) – Kitco News brought back a fan favorite this year in an effort to give YOU, our dedicated readers, a voice!

After a few weeks of voting, we have finally tallied up the results to unveil who our readers and viewers think merits the title of CEO of 2017. After sifting through thousands of responses, and the names of over 100 CEOs you submitted, we have tallied your choice for the mining world’s top commander-in-chief.

For the second year in a row, Kitco readers voted for Rob McEwen – CEO, McEwen Mining (TSE, NYSE: MUX). Rob McEwen McEwen has been behind some of the biggest mining companies in the industry. First founding Goldcorp in the ‘90s –transforming the company from a collection of small companies into a mining powerhouse.

David Erfle, founder of juniorminerjunky.com and a mining stock expert said he was not surprised by the selection of McEwen. “He is very popular in the space for different reasons. He has aligned himself with shareholders more than any other CEO in the sector as he owns 24% of the company and collects no salary,” he said.

“Mr. McEwen is also very vocal about not selling forward future production or diluting the company’s projects with streams or royalties. These factors have made him very well respected among retail PM sector investors.”

Our readers who voted noting that he is “an exemplary CEO,” while one voter said, “He wrote the blueprint for how to properly lead a company.” Another noted, “He is successful and shares his money, a true philanthropist.”

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