Document lists all mines that used McIntyre Powder – by Ron Grech (Timmins Daily Press – December 29, 2017)

TIMMINS – The McIntyre Powder Project has obtained a document that outlines all the mines in Ontario where aluminum dust was used in an ill-fated attempt to protect workers from developing a lung condition known as silicosis.

At the time, the mines were unaware of the potential toxic effects of having their workers inhale aluminum dust particles.

At least a dozen mines from Timmins and the immediate surrounding area are listed in that document, which Janice Martell, of McIntyre Powder Project, said was obtained through a Freedom of Information request to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.

The 12 Timmins and area mines listed in the document are the Aunor, Buffalo Ankerite, Coniaurum, Delnite, Dome, Hallnor, Hollinger Consolidated, Broulan Reef, McIntyre, Pamour, Paymaster and Ross Hollinger.

“I spoke to a gentleman within the last two weeks who was stunned to learn that he worked at a place at a time where this was used,” said Martell, who spearheaded the McIntyre Powder Project about three years ago. “He was given zero information that he was being exposed to aluminum dust. It was one of the mines where they discharged the aluminum dust before you go into the change room.

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