Brazil, South Africa collaboration to improve mining sector “natural, appropriate”, says Brazil ambassador – by Mia Breytenbach ( – December 13, 2017)

JOHANNESBURG ( – With the mining sector having played a significant role in the history and development of South Africa and Brazil, it is “natural and appropriate” that the two countries come together to discuss and exchange ideas about how to improve the mining sector in both countries, says Ambassador of Brazil Nedilson Jorge.

Speaking at a seminar hosted by the Embassy of Brazil in South Africa, in Johannesburg last week, where perspectives relating to the countries’ mining and legal frameworks were shared by industry stakeholders, he emphasised that the government of Brazil was committed to continuing proposing measures to encourage the growth of its mining industry.

Further, the country intends to promote technical cooperation and technical agreements with other countries and their academic institutions. South Africa is considered a priority in this regard.

Jorge highlighted the recent economic changes in Brazil, noting that after having faced a severe crisis and economic recession about 18 months ago, the government had put in place a series of measures and structural reforms.

“The value of those measures is already evident,” he enthused, noting that the economic recession had been reversed and that the economy had grown in the last two consecutive quarters.

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