Macron Aims to Keep Paris Climate Deal Alive – by Mark Deen and Ewa Krukowska (Bloomberg News – December 11, 2017)

French President Emmanuel Macron this week will seek to breathe new life into the fight against global warming and sway debate away from skeptics of the process led by U.S. President Donald Trump.

At a series of events in Paris starting Monday, Macron along with leaders from the U.K., Norway, Mexico and Netherlands will draw attention to a dozen major projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gases. They’ll also give a push for increasing climate-related aid to developing nations, in step with a United Nations goal of channeling at least $100 billion a year by 2020. Trump is not scheduled to attend.

The meetings are designed to preserve the the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change sealed two years ago. That deal brought together some 200 nations including the U.S. and China in calling for limits on fossil fuel emissions everywhere for the first time.

Trump’s move to pull back from the accord, along with efforts to preserve coal jobs in Germany and Poland, have undercut momentum toward cleaner forms of energy.

“The Trump decision was a blow, but it hasn’t killed the process,” said Herve Le Treut, a senior climate scientist at France’s National Center for Scientific Research in Paris. “If the Paris climate accord accomplished one thing, it was a change of consciousness around the world. We’ve seen many more initiatives since then.”

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