Mining as a nation-builder: CEMI among six groups forming supercluster to bring clean Canadian mining expertise to the international market – by Karen McKinley (Northern Ontario Business – December 1, 2017)

For six mining groups in Canada that have joined together, including one in Sudbury, mining is a nation-building exercise they want to take to the world. The hope is by joining together, they can qualify for government funding to help them support the mining industry on a holistic level.

Sudbury-based Centre for Mining Innovation (CEMI) is among the group that are pursuing a $200 million funding initiative to move their supercluster forward. Titled Clean, Low-energy, Effective, Engaged and Remediated (CLEER), to compete for funding though the federal government’s Innovation Superclusters Initiative.

The are many reasons for bringing this supercluster together, explained Charles Nyabeze, director, government affairs for CEMI, all of them go back to making mining in Canada more competitive, cleaner, diverse and showing the public the importance of mining to the nation’s economic stability.

“We created CLEER because we went to the mining groups and asked them what problems they were facing,” he said in an interview. Those problems included:

– Lagging investment across the mining sector in business enterprise research and development. Many groups are outsourcing their research and development, limiting local development.

– Lack of capitalized organizations to serve as effective vehicles for collaborative mining innovation. Without these there are few – if any – mechanisms for sharing costs and risks associated with innovation, including mechanisms for pooling resources and sharing knowledge.

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