Turkey to make full use of domestic coal to minimize imports (Daily Sabah – November 6, 2017)


To decrease the share of imports, public and private actors in the energy industry have been working to diversify the energy basket and increase the utilization of domestic sources. To that end, the country has launched a road map to transform and modernize thermal plants and increase coal efficiency led by Energy and Natural Resources Minister Berat Albayrak.

Thus, the energy basket will be diversified with renewables, maximizing the utilization of domestic coal resources in the most efficient way and boosting employment, Minister Albayrak pointed out.

Speaking at a signing ceremony for the Zetes-Hattat Transformation into Domestic Coal Protocol between Hattat Holding and Eren Holding, two Turkish conglomerates with investments in coal and thermal power plants, Albayrak discussed the current figures concerning Turkish coal mining and the goals for the next couple of years, with emphasis on increasing domestic coal production.

“Over the last two years, domestic coal production has exceeded 60 million tons and neared 70 million. By the end of this year, Turkey will produce more than 80 million tons of domestically produced coal,” Energy Minister Albayrak said, noting that the aim in coal production is to exceed 100 million tons by the end of next year.

The annual average of Turkey’s energy imports hovers around $55 billion per year, including hydrocarbon imports with $45 billion and mining imports reaching $10 billion.

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