[Northern Minnesota Mining] APOLOGY ACCEPTED. BUT WAS IT SINCERE? – by Sen. David Tomassoni (Hibbing Daily Tribune – October 27, 2017)


The whole incident reported in the New York Times magazine makes me believe that the environmental extremist movement led by Becky Rom and her husband, Reid Carron, showed their true colors.

They aren’t only opposed to copper, nickel and precious metals mining. They want to stop all mining, iron ore mining included. They probably don’t like logging or farming, either.

It came to me as I was sitting on my deck drinking a beer (metal chair, a byproduct of mining; wooden deck, from logging; beer, from hops and grains from farming). I thought, now what’s wrong with sitting on my deck and drinking a beer. Then I thought, I wonder if the anti-mining people have metal chairs on their decks?

Maybe they don’t. Maybe they have plastic chairs (that came from drilling oil). Then I thought, if drinking beer is a negative thing, I wonder if the anti-mining people drink Moscow Mules instead. I don’t know many beer-drinking miners who drink Moscow Mules, but Moscow Mules are served in copper mugs.

Getting hungry, I came into the house for a BLT. I fried some bacon on a metal stove in a copper lined pan. (Copper pans don’t stick and they clean up in a breeze). The bacon was in my metal refrigerator, which has a cooling element going through copper pipes.

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