Tanzania: Dar Posts Biggest Coup in Mineral Wealth War (All Africa.com – October 24, 2017)


TANZANIA is on course to register the biggest coup in an economic war over its mineral resources after striking a deal with Barrick Gold Corp, to settle a tax and revenue sharing disputes over three gold mines in the country operated by its African subsidiary group, Acacia Mining.

After three months of painstaking negotiations, the Toronto-based company said it will pay the government 300 million US dollars (about 700bn/-) as part of the deal, give the government a 16 per cent stake in its mines, and will equally split “economic benefits” from the mining operations.

Barrick owns 63.9 per cent equity interest in Acacia Mining which is the country’s largest gold miner. As part of the agreement, Barrick Gold Corp said the government will participate in decisions related to operations, investment, planning, procurement, and marketing.

A working group has also been formed to resolve “outstanding tax claims” against Acacia. The government had slapped Acacia Mining with a 190 billion US dollars tax invoice last July for unpaid taxes for two decades of operation, penalties and interest.

“We have developed a framework for a modern, 21st century partnership that should ensure Acacia’s operations generate sustainable benefits and mutual prosperity for the people of Tanzania, as well as for the owners of Barrick and Acacia,” Barrick Chairman John Thornton said in a statement.

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