[Jannatec Technologies] Technology for deep underground – by Lindsay Kelly (Northern Ontario Business – October 13, 2017)


As early as next spring, Jannatec Technologies could debut the first components of its wearable technology, which will help cool underground miners, monitor their vital signs and enhance their overall health and safety.

A contributor to the Ultra-Deep Mining Network, the Sudbury-based company has been working for three years on the technology that will allow miners to work in mines that descend to 2.5 kilometres or more.

As mines get deeper, temperatures are hotter, miners are more isolated, and it takes longer to ascend to surface. Companies like Jannatec are developing technology to combat the heat, isolation and other challenges miners may encounter.

“What we’ve done is developed a data hub, which is a wearable computer with the same functionality as a cell phone, without the ability to make calls necessarily, and that works as the backbone of the whole thing,” said Steffon Luoma, Jannatec’s senior research scientist, during a recent open house at the facility.

That data hub “talks” to other modules that all connect to one system designed to serve various functions while underground.

An environmental sensor module measures the temperature and humidity at a miner’s location, so that the miner can determine whether they can safety continue to work. It connects to a vest, worn by the miner under their coveralls, with 12 modules that can actually remove heat from the body.

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