Brainwashed movie peer reviewers give Gore’s sequel two righteous thumbs up! – by Peter Foster (Financial Post – August 9, 2017)

Among the egregious whoppers in Al Gore’s Oscar-winning 2006 movie An Inconvenient Truth was the claim that there were exactly zero scientific papers questioning projected catastrophic man-made global warming.

Therefore, Gore continued, the amount of media coverage given to skepticism was entirely disproportionate. In fact, the mainstream media had already mostly wrapped itself in the mantle of the climate crusade, but for Gore even one scintilla of skepticism was one scintilla too many.

Well, the word is in from liberal peer movie reviewers about Gore’s follow-up, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, and it’s two righteous thumbs up! While they admit it’s a bit of a snoozer, there is not a trace of doubt that An Inconvenient Truth — a masterpiece of alarmist agitprop inflicted on an entire generation of schoolchildren — was bang on, and that weather is getting worse. Meanwhile the transition to a low-carbon economy is proceeding apace, whatever roadblocks thrown by the likes of that Neanderthal denier Donald Trump.
Peer review of climate science has rightly come under attack for often being warped by ideology and government funding. Liberal peer film review apparently involves no fact-checking at all.

Then again, as Gore relentlessly claims, we are dealing with a “moral issue,” thus any questioning is clearly funded by ExxonMobil and/or the Koch brothers, and puts you on the side of the slave-traders and those who supported apartheid and would have denied women the vote. Record temperatures and bad weather mean the scientific case is closed.

But have the snows of Kilimanjaro disappeared, along with summer sea ice in the Arctic? Has there been a decline in polar bear populations due to a spate of drownings? No, no and no.

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