Transforming the Mining Industry with Barrick Gold – by Jennifer Rideout (Cisco Blog – July 13, 2017)

Global mining leader Barrick Gold is at the forefront of digital transformation. The organization, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, is focused on becoming a 21st century company – a priority that drives Barrick Gold to integrate technology into everything they do.

Look no further than Barrick’s recent partnership announcement with Cisco and Great Basin College in Nevada for proof of this focus. The company is investing nearly $400,000 over three years to “bring digital and information technology skills development courses, free of charge, to groups in the community” through Cisco’s Networking Academy curriculum.

The company doubled-down on this announcement by stating they plan to expand the program to every community in which they operate – including in Argentina, Canada, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Peru, and Zambia. I recently sat down with Ed Humphries, Head of Digital Transformation at Barrick Gold to understand more about the company’s focus on digital transformation, their flagship deployment in Lander County, Nevada, and being a 21st century organization. A portion of that conversation is below.

Jennifer Rideout: What inspired Barrick Gold’s digital transformation?

Ed Humphries: The mining industry, generally speaking, is one that is resistant to change and slow to generate the technological breakthroughs that can lead to industry-wide disruption. We knew we could lead the industry in this space, so we embarked on a journey to transform Barrick into a leading 21st century company.

Getting to this point, however, meant changing perspectives around how mining operations are managed and assessing the possible application of digital solutions in our mines. To start, we worked extensively with Cisco and other technology partners to establish our vision and the outcomes we wanted to achieve through digitization.

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