The world seeks Sudbury’s mining expertise – by Karen McKinley (Northern Ontario Business – June 23, 2017)

Export forum brings supply companies and international investors together to talk

With over a century of mining supply expertise in Sudbury, companies and nations are turning to this region to help them develop their mining sectors, particularly Mexico, South America and the American Southwest.

To make it easier to connect, Ontario’s North Economic Development Corporation (ONEDC) played host to the Northern Ontario Exports Forum 2017 on June 22. The forum at the Holiday Inn allowed mining service supply companies to meet and get a better idea on export marketing, strategic planning, and the sales landscape in their own backyard and beyond.

“It’s an opportunity for the supply and service for mining to look at export opportunities,” said forum chair Tom Palangio, president of WipWare, and the Sudbury Area Mining Supply and Services Association.

“So we bought in people from around the world that run organizations to explain what the procurement process is and explain some of the culture in their particular locations. It’s a dialogue and a good exchange of ideas, as well as to tell us about the new face of mining.”

For many of the international players, Canada’s reputation for quality work precedes them, Palangio said. The one-day event highlighted where interest and opportunities could be found. He said many economic development departments and multinational companies trust Canadian service companies due to the high standards they work on.

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