Greens are out to damage Australia – by Warren Mundine (The Daily Telegraph – June 8, 2017)

Green activism isn’t really about conservation. It’s about stopping all development….
It’s not just mining. Scratch the surface of green ideology and you’ll find
opposition to farming, infrastructure, processing, manufacturing and other
development….Fundamentally, green groups believe Australia shouldn’t be
touched beyond its current level of development.

MARCIA Langton was spot-on in her recent speech when she said green groups are hijacking and undermining the interests of Aboriginal people.

She’s correct that “cashed-up green groups, some funded by wealthy overseas interests, oppose mining projects with often-flimsy evidence and misrepresent the evidence to the public” and that they “deliberately thwart the aspirations and native title achievements of the majority of indigenous people by deception”.

On the same day as her speech, Greens senator Larissa Waters illustrated the point, authorising a Greens political advertisement opposing the Adani mine. It said “No Finance. No Consent from Traditional Owners. No Way.”

This statement is false. Fact: Adani has agreed six Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUAs) with three traditional owner groups — the Juru, Jaeggi and Berrimah native title groups. Adani also obtained the consent of the vast majority of Wangan and Jagalingou (W&J).

The W&J ILUA, which was approved by a 294-1 vote of the W&J native title claimant group, was challenged in court by individual W&J people who oppose the mine. The Federal Court found the vote valid, but said a majority vote wasn’t enough to approve the ILUA. Rather, unanimous approval of W&J native title applicants was required.

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