Chevy’s Anti-Aluminum Ads with the Ford F150 haven’t Helped Sell the Silverado – by Patrick Rall (Torque News – June 7, 2017)

It has been just over a year since Chevrolet rolled out their Silverado ads featuring a new Ford F150 bed being damaged by dropping various objects onto the aluminum surface and in that year, Ford sales have risen while Silverado sales have dropped – showing that the automotive consumer may not favor negative advertising.

Back in June 2016, Chevrolet rolled out a series of commercial for the Silverado which featured their truck parked next to a new Ford F150. In these commercials, “real people” looked on as a load of paver stones was dropped from a frontloader into the bed of each truck.

The Silverado’s steel bed held up to the bricks without only scuffs and dents, while the bed of the F150 saw more severe damage. Of course, the “real people” reacted with great surprise at this and when a large, steel toolbox pushed over the edge of the bedside did significantly more damage to the F150’s aluminum bed, the onlookers were equally stunned.

The goal of these commercials were to highlight the “softer” aluminum used in the new Ford F150 body by showing that the Chevrolet Silverado’s steel bed is notably stronger in these situations.

These ads quickly spread across the internet, with Chevy fans poking fun at the Ford community by reposting the commercials of the F150 bed being damaged in the side by side tests. For those critics of the switch to aluminum, these ads were the perfect proof of an inferior material, but for the most part, the commercials were received as being farfetched.

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