Gowest aims to start production in 2018 – by Len Gillis (Timmins Daily Press – June 3, 2017)


TIMMINS – Just 24 hours after taking his first trip underground in his first ever gold mine, Gowest president and CEO Greg Romain had some encouraging words for junior mining executives and exploration workers this week. “You’ve got to keep it up. Like, you can’t give up. It is a tough game, especially when you’re a junior.” Romain said Thursday at the big event Canadian Mining Expo.

Romain was one of several speakers invited to take part in the Investor’s Forum. He was there to tell the story of developing the Bradshaw Deposit, located just north of the built up area of Timmins on a parcel of land near Highway 655.

That’s where Romain was on Wednesday of this week, inspecting the latest work now that the company has completed its first blast and is ramping downwards with Cementation Canada as the contractor. The first blast to open the portal was on May 11.

“Gowest is a Canadian company. Everybody knows about us. We’re trying to develop the next new mine in Timmins,” he revealed. Romain gave a brief history of the discovery of the property, which goes back to the 1960s when magnetic aerial surveys were carried out because of the huge Kidd mine discovery.

The search was on for base metals, and although gold was discovered, it wasn’t followed because of the overburden, he explained.

Eventually the discovery was made and was named in honour of Ron Bradshaw, a man who was instrumental in the discovery, said Romain.

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