Sudbury Laurentian researcher gets key grant for work in biomining – by Ben Leeson (Sudbury Star – May 29, 2017)

Laurentian University researcher Nadia Mykytczuk’s recent Early Researcher Award served as affirmation of the value of her work, as well as assurance that work will continue uninterrupted.

Mykytczuk, who works out of the Vale Living With Lakes Centre as Laurentian’s NOHFC Industrial Research Chair, received $140,000 from the provincial government to fund her project aimed at developing cost-effective, energy-efficient ways to recover metals and reduce environmental impacts from mine wastes using microbes.

“It’s excellent support, to apply for these very competitive grants and then to be a recipient means that I’m not only doing a good job at being a researcher, but that I’m actually standing out there and being able to get a competitive grant like this to support my early research,” Mykytczuk said.

The funding will largely go towards funding the students whose work is essential to Mykytczuk’s research, as well as 76 other projects the province has funded through $10.78 million in Early Research Awards announced this spring.

“All university research, even though it’s the professors who write the grants and run the lab and come up with a lot of the scientific ideas, it’s really the student researchers, the masters students and PhD students who do a lot of the work,” Mykytczuk said.

“Being able to recruit excellent, high-quality students both from Sudbury and from outside, nationally and internationally, is really important to get out there and get the research off the ground, and being able to maintain them and keep those students to keep the research going.”

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