Mining interests, partners seek to polish Iron Range’s image – by Peter Passi (Duluth News Tribune – May 25, 2017)

Some of the Northland’s most prominent players aim to reboot the Iron Range’s image with a new promotional publication unveiled during a press conference at Glensheen Mansion Thursday morning.

The glossy 16-page magazine is meant to burnish the Range’s reputation, said Mark Phillips, commissioner of the Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation Board.

Often, Phillips said he encounters “very antiquated visions of the region” that date back to the days of miners working with picks and shovels instead of state-of-the-art technology. He said the notion of the Range as an economically depressed area also seems to persist.

Phillips said the reality is that mining has been a relatively stable year-round enterprise since the 1950s, with most modern disruptions due more to unenforced trade policies than structural industry flaws.

“This is modern mining. This isn’t the old cyclical thing. But people still want to paint that picture, and we’re trying to change that antiquated narrative to the new narrative,” he said.

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