Money From The Mines! – Copper $$$ Allowing ‘Everybody To Eat A Food’ – by Ryon Jones (Jamaica Gleaner – May 14, 2017)

It could be another 15 years before Carube Copper Corp begins mining in Jamaica, but residents in several communities around the exploration sites are already seeing benefits from the Canadian company’s presence.

More than 600 persons have been employed on a on-and-off basis over a five-year period, with an employment cycle typically lasting for three weeks with workers earning between $2,500 (eight hours) and $3,500 (11 hours) per day. Carube, which is a junior mining company, has seven special exclusive prospective licences to explore for copper and gold across the island.

Bellas Gate, St Catherine, is, however, the most advanced exploration and the one believed to have the most potential. This is now the site of focus with Carube having reclaimed Oz Minerals’ 70 per cent interest in their joint venture last year.

Oz Minerals was brought in by Carube to handle the prospecting stage, which saw the company invest US$14 million. Egbert Blake, who worked previously with Oz Minerals before its holdings on the island were acquired by Carube, outlined some of the task the crew he supervises undertakes.

“We clear the path to the drilling sites and make walkways so the drill and other equipment can be easily carried to and fro each day,” said Blake.

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