Diamantina minerals province next mining boom – by Jacinda Tutty (Queensland Courier-Mail – May 15, 2017)


TUCKED away in the Queensland Outback, trillions of dollars lies buried beneath the ground.A veritable gold mine of minerals essential for the future of the world’s entire technology industry lies untouched, in rare geological pipes in a remote band of terrain running from western Queensland up to the Northern Territory border.

It’s been called the Diamantina minerals province and could be the largest gold rush of its kind. Better yet, the trillion-dollar discovery is right in our backyard. The State Government is beginning to marshal what is sure to become an arms race between mining exploration companies eager to strike gold.

Should early discoveries of traces of minerals such as platinum, scandium and gold prove true, Queensland’s mines and resources minister Dr Anthony Lynham said it could unlock billions for the state economy and thousands of new jobs.

“This may be a whole new gold rush for Queensland,” Dr Lynham told The Courier-Mail. “While it is very early days, the potential this could present to the Queensland economy is very exciting.

“The discovery offers the opportunity for development of a new industry in a remote part of the state, with obvious potential for employment creation and regional development. “If found in significant quantities, the minerals we believe are there could represent an entire new revenue stream for Queensland through newly established export markets.”

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